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Susan Brabeau Puzzle Collection

Wanting to depict an idea, a sentiment or a moment vanished in time, like a film director, Susan Brabeau creates a cast of characters, places and things that she choreographs in a meticulous drawing and painting. Beyond ordinary description she paints each personage, each piece of furniture and each leaf on a plant more vivid than reality with knowledgeable skill from many years of observation and artistic practice. We the viewers are invited, even lured into her world of events and encounters with people, places and things we may have missed in everyday experience. Every bit is lovingly amplified from an eyebrow to a bicycle chain and visually enriched to engage us and transport us like a Technicolor stop-motion dream. As a master painter, Brabeau generously takes all the time it takes with commitment to her vision, applying her skillful know-how with a brush and color to carry us to that timeless place on canvas.

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