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Large Puzzles With 1,500 Pieces or More

Step up the difficulty level with our ultra challenging jigsaw puzzles. These 1,500 and 2,000 piece puzzles from Spilsbury offer the ultimate jigsaw puzzle challenge!

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Commonly Asked Questions

Huge jigsaw puzzles! The new Spilsbury 1,500+ piece puzzles are sure to test your skills. Learn more below!

Are there huge puzzles for different skill levels?

Although difficult, each large puzzle has plenty of pieces to be fun and relaxing for people of any age. You can assemble the pieces to challenge and excite your imagination. These tiling projects require interlocking each of the pieces to create a larger image. Each of the individual pieces shows an incredibly small portion of the puzzle, so fitting them together is more challenging than ever. Typically, puzzles with fewer pieces are geared towards younger ages, so the audience for projects with 1,500 pieces or more cater to older individuals. Fortunately, more pieces does not mean a significantly higher price. Our jigsaws that total over 1,500 pieces are still an affordable activity for every puzzle solver.

What types of 1,500-3,000 piece puzzles are there?

The difficult, brain-stimulating projects come in various designs. Each piece is a unique addition to a highly detailed puzzle. You can get a more detailed image with jigsaws that total over 1,500 pieces. Enjoy assembling a difficult project piece by piece. Some of our 1,500 to 3,000 piece puzzles even come in different shapes, making fitting the pieces together an even harder challenge.

How long does it take to complete a 1,500 piece puzzle or one that's even larger?

Each 1,500+ piece jigsaw puzzle has the perfect number of pieces to keep assemblers concentrated for more than one sitting. Solve the puzzle in one go, or break it up into multiple days.
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