Family Time 300 Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Sku: 32951

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Product Description

Family Time is a 300 large piece jigsaw puzzle designed by artist Lucie Bilodeau. A family of six wolves sits atop a majestic mountain in this wildlife jigsaw puzzle. The mother wolf stands over her five cubs among bunches of colorful wildflowers. Bursts of blue, yellow and red flowers decorate the rocky landscape while the tall trees of the forest pepper the landscape.

Far off in the distance the rolling green hills are shadowed by large blue mountains and a bright orange sky at sunset. Family Time for these wolves won't last long, though. The wolf pups pictured in this puzzle image will need to grow up fast and learn to survive life in the wild.

• Wildlife puzzles reward you with relaxing images that encourage you to imagine what life is like for these woodland creatures living deep in nature.
• Our 300 large piece jigsaw puzzles are bigger and easier to handle, making for a more fun puzzle experience.
• This puzzle measures 18" x 24" and has a rectangular shape that will fit perfectly into a jigsaw puzzle frame.
• Add some puzzle glue and a hanging frame to your Spilsbury order so you can mount and display this puzzle on your wall once it's completed.

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