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I think I have placed the same order more than once, what do I do?
Simply send us an email to service@spilsbury.com or call 1-800-285-8619 and we can confirm if there is more than one order and correct it.

My credit card number was refused?
We only accept Visa and MasterCard. Please ensure you have correctly entered in the number and also please do not type in any spaces when entering the card number in the order screen.

When I am doing a product search by item number I get an error?
Double check your item number and ensure you have entered the item number correctly.

I think I have made a mistake in my order how do I correct it?
Simply send us an email at service@spilsbury.com or call 1-800-285-8619 and we will gladly ensure your order is okay.

What kind of guarantee do I have?
We offer a 60-day no questions asked guarantee. With you order is a Return Form if you are not completely satisfied with your order.

How do I ship back products I do not want?
Simply follow the instructions on the Return Form that is included with each order sent to you.

Why do you now use photos instead of line-art illustrations?
From 1961 to 2002 The Added Touch used line-art to represent our products. We loved the look and feel line-art gave our products. However, eventually it came to a point that the majority of customers wanted to see the products with colour photos. While we were no longer able to hold onto the simplicity of the line-art photos any longer - we have been able to hang-on to our simple and useful product assortment.